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Who we are

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We’re a small band of creative strategists with a shared background as writers and entrepreneurs. We love branding because it gets to the core of who people are and why they’re driven to create their products and companies. And like our clients: we are makers, too.

Djinn are supernatural, invisible entities created from fire. From the Arabian Nights to the modern genie, they have been associated with the ideas of genius, disruption, and magic. Djinn ignite ideas and passions, reveal what is hidden in plain sight, and—famously—grant the wishes of those who summon them.

What are Djinn?

Michael Megalli

Managing Partner

Michael is an entrepreneur and thought leader who’s built a career helping leading organizations build powerful brands. Over 25 years, he’s helped dozens of clients build, evolve, and grow enduring, powerful brands for their companies, startups, products, services, non-profits, and cities. He loves finding simple, attractive solutions to complex challenges. He’s currently writing a book, Brand New World, on the power of brands to shape reality and why understanding their power is so important today.

Lisa Light


Lisa is a writer, naming expert, editor, and creative strategist who has been helping people and companies find their voices throughout her career. With a background in art and design, she uncovers the meaning and purpose in each client’s story and articulates them in writing—giving form to ideas that are frequently felt but not seen. Lisa’s work centers on human, social, and ecological drivers of wellbeing across many fields, from the workplace and the built environment to ESG policy, healthcare, and education.

Glasgow Phillips


Glasgow is a seasoned strategist and entrepreneur with exits as a co-founder and investor. Executives turn to Glasgow for creative innovation and strategic transformation. His past careers include prize-winning novelist, film director, and television writer. He thrives on tackling challenging problems and inspiring great teams. His current side project is commercializing a novel air cleaning device technology that is quieter, cheaper, and more effective than HEPA, with the potential to improve the lives of millions of people.

Our collaborative approach extends to our network of partner designers, filmmakers, project managers, and other professionals, allowing us to produce assignments at any scale. We also sit in to help our friends and colleague agencies solve big challenges.

Djinn with us
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